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Hungarian Open - 2007 Szolnok

The full-house Kyokushin Tournament was a huge success. Taking part meant great honour to all competitors. The extremely well organized venue started off with press conference then herald of the media.
The success of the event was the result of great deal of team-effort. The MKKSZ (Hungarian Kyokushin Karate Organization) with the guidance of Shihan Kalman Furko, Sensei Gyorgy Karmazin and Sensei Tibor Agocs had had done an effective and enormous job.

We could see many brave fighters who fought with all their mighty, as well as we sIMG_2704.jpgaw many magnificent battles and we could witness wonderful knock-outs.

In the kata competition we had many participants, with great spirit of rivalry. In the category of women – as we predicted – Anca Wallmen won, Renata Toth gained silver and Eszter Wagner bronze medals.

In the category of men the final was between Istvan Szabo and Attila Toth, but this time Istvan went home with the gold, whilst Attila got the silver medal. The bronze had landed around Cristian Boldut’s (Romania) neck.

In the light weight women category Julia Bartok did not take part due to illness. If she had competed it possibly would have changed the results. The winner – thanks to her excellent stamina – the Russian Marina Anfimova was, who was no more than 48 kgs. Melinda Motzer (Hungary – Arrabona KK) came 2nd, who had beaten Melinda Lonyai (Hungary – Cegled) in a great battle where Melinda had proven to have gigantic willpower.

In the middle weight category of the ladies Edit Abraham & Marina Mezosi (both Hungary – Nyiregyhaza) practically “marched over” others, straight into the final. It was laudable that a veteran fighter, Katalin Csery (Hungary – Sopron) had return to compete and proven to have great inner-strength. Joined 3rd place was shared by Timea Tanacs (Hungary – Budapest) and Olga Vorontsova (Russia).

In the heavy weight category of the women unfortunately there weren’t many fighters, so Veronika Szovetes easily overcame all obstacles without anyone giving her a hard time. But this is always the case, even internationally. In this category Zita Zatyko (Hungary – Szeged) came 2nd and Adrienn Kruliczki (Hungary – Budapest) came 3rd.

Just like for the ladies, in the heavy weight category of men there wasn’t a very strong field.IMG_2214.JPG Zsombor Magosi (Hungary) didn’'t have a chance to really shine and show us what he made of as Roland Fulop (Hungary) suffered injury right after his first fight, during the wood breaking, so he couldn’t carry on. Zsombor had a slightly challenging fight against the Siberian Vladirimochival G. Seitov, but he won this fight after the first round. Zsombor was announced the winner, the Siberian came 2nd, and Roland Fulop 3rd.

In the 90kgs category was a slightly stronger field than in the previously mentioned one. ThereIMG_2188.JPG was no doubt that the Russian Roman Nesterenko - who is at present one of the best fighters in the world in 90 kgs – had the most chance of winning. To the amazement of everyone the Romanian Adrian Ferent fought very well against the Russian champion and offered great resistance. The other Romanian Alex Wallmen was also skilled, experienced fighter, but he had trouble with Zsolt Balogh (Hungary – Martfu). This was Zsolt’s first senior tournament and he did a fantastic job throughout. Before Wallmen he had 2 oppponents and he had knocked both of them out! In the final he delivered his best but the Russian had the upper hand, simply because he was more experienced. So Nesterenko came 1st, Balogh 2nd and Wallmen with Hategan (Romania) came joined 3rd.

In the 80 kgs category of men through many excellent and great battles Gergo Magna (Hungary – Szolnok) became the champion. Sandor Bak (Hungary – Kapuvar) did his best as usual and alongside Magna they self-confidently marched all the way to the final. Two promising fighter with high performance came joined 3rd: the Russian Kurbanov and Zoltan Vaci (Hungary – Szekesfehervar).

The strongest field was the category of 70 kgs men’s. With mind-blowing performances theIMG_1924.JPG Russian Victor Karasyuk came 1st. Gabor Rozsa (Hungary – Nyiregyhaza) who came 2nd, fought like a lion all day long. With similar accomplishment the Russian – “as solid as concrete”- Aidin Novruzov and Gabor Buzas, -“the pit bull of Martfu dojo”- (Hungary – Martfu) came 3rd. It made us feel that we should have handed out 4 gold medals. In this category, Peter Vaczi, Aron Jonas, Zoltan Magyar and Krisztian Peto (All Hungary) were also showing excellent skills & spirit.

Everyone was praising the day as the tournament was fantastic, as well as was the audience who was cheering in sportsmanlike manner.
We have proven to the experts that we are carrying out high-quality work within the organization and we have strong foundation to build on in the future.
All competitors who fought today are praiseworthy, also our appreciation to all coaches, referees and other organizers of the event.
It was thrill, an experience & a real celebration!

Jozsef Stefanovics
(translation: Gitta Kondorosi)

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